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Northport High School

154 Laurel Hill Road
Northport, NY 11768
School Office Hours: 7:30-3:30
Phone: 631-262-6654

Daniel Danbusky, Principal
Dr. Carlos Falcón, Assistant Principal
characterTerrence Hinson, Assistant Principal
Denise Keenan, Assistant Principal

Important Numbers

Main Office Phone
(631) 262-6654
Main Office Fax
(631) 262-6880
Nurse's Office
(631) 262-6746
Counseling Center Phone
(631) 262-6730
Counseling Center Fax
(631) 262-6736
Attendance Office
(631) 262-6657 

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Current News

Northport-East Northport Students Get Certified in CPR

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For Northport-East Northport seventh, tenth and twelfth graders, getting certified in CPR is not only encouraged, but required. The certification course, which has been provided since 2018 in the district, is part of the students’ physical education requirements.  It is provided with the hope that in the event CPR needs to be performed, students will feel prepared for the possibility of saving a life.   

Students in both grades take the CPR certification course regardless of which physical education program they are enrolled in. The course, which consists of students learning CPR compressions and how to use an AED defibrillator, would ensure each student is certified both during and for at least two years after high school. Northport High School Physical Education Teacher Sean Lynch stated that the hope is that students will continue to continue to get recertified even after they graduate and into their adult lives.  

Mr. Lynch also shared that when describing the importance of the course to students, they reference past tragedies in which lives may have been saved had someone known how to perform CPR or use a defibrillator.  “By talking to students honestly and about real-life situations that could occur, I think that has really helped them understand just how important this course is. Most, if not all, have taken it extremely seriously.” 

He added “No matter their profession in the future, we hope students make a point to get recertified so they have the ability to save someone's life.” 

Watch the Varsity Basketball Playoffs!

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Click here for the February 27th 12:00pm Boys Varsity playoff game against Ward Melville

Click here for the February 27th 12:00pm Girls Varsity playoff game against Longwood. 

Northport High School participates in Unified Bowling and Athletics for All event

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Building upon their existing Unified Basketball program, Northport High School piloted a successful Unified Bowling team this year and participated in Section XI’s Athletics for All bowling event. Both the team and event bring general education and special education students together for fun and safe activities. 

In light of Section XI’s pause on high-risk sports to start the year, the district decided to pilot Unified Bowling so that students would still be able to partake in a unified sport. These teams, which are comprised of both general and special education students, provide students with an opportunity to bond and build an inclusive atmosphere. With this in mind, the district decided to participate in Section XI’s Athletics for All event as a natural extension of the program. Compared to the regular season of Unified Bowling, Transition Coordinator Cassie Reilly shared that during the Athletics for All event, “students enjoyed the laid-back experience with music and food.” To recruit students, the district worked with their Best Buddies program coordinators and eight students ultimately signed up.  

Ms. Reilly also added that district is “very proud to offer an inclusive program. It’s a chance for students to get out and do something fun that encourages physical activity while still following the COVID regulations.” 

Moving forward, the district is hoping to restart the Unified Basketball program and eventually expand into other sports as well.