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Academy of Information Technology

Industry Advisory Board

Active Industry Advisory Board Members

  • James Olney - Northport Library - IAB President
  • Davor Dokonal - Atelier ED - IAB Vice President
  • Beatriz Caputo - Zebra
  • Jim Garvey - Northport Library
  • Myles Glickman - Google
  • Brian Salisbury - Cisco
  • Frank Zinghini - Applied Visions

Industry Advisory Board Led Committees  

  • Advisory Board Recruitment Committee - James Olney
  • Public Relations and Advocacy Committee - Jim Garvey
  • Student Recruitment Committee - Danielle Roccisano
  • Internship Committee - Beatriz Caputo


What does the Industry Advisory Board do?

The Advisory Board promotes partnerships between businesses and public high schools, and works with the Academy Director/Manager in providing the following essential functions:

  1. Provides industry expertise to support Academy curriculum.
  2. Assists in student recruitment.
  3. Provides paid internships for Academy students.
  4. Encourages other community businesses to establish paid internships for students.
  5. Provides access to industry training classes for teachers.
  6. Provides industry familiarization tours for teachers and students.
  7. Provides mentoring and shadowing opportunities for students and teachers.
  8. Assists in budget development for Academy activities.
  9. Assists in fundraising to support Academy activities.
  10. Assists in promotional activities for the Academy.
  11. Assists in expansion of Academy programs.
  12. Provides scholarships for outstanding students.
  13. Serves as an advocate for the Academy to educational, political, and business communities.

.....and so much more!


Are you an Information Technology Professional and would like to share your wealth of knowledge to students?

Please contact the AOIT Coordinator for more information about how to get involved.