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Academy of Information Technology

Community Connections


We are looking for local businesses to provide opportunities to students that go above and beyond the educational process. This includes internships, field trips, guest speakers and shadowing opportunities. AOIT industry partners and sponsors can lend, showcase or enhance the current curriculum and provide students with relevant training in many different ways. 

The paid internship is perhaps the most memorable and critical component in the NAF AOIT experience for high school students. It is also one of the most rewarding, as it is the opportunity for students to apply, in a real-world setting, what they've learned in their Academy classes in the preceding years. To ensure that the students' paid internship lives up to expectations, all stakeholders must invest an appropriate amount of time and resources.

A paid internship is not just a summer job. It is an extension of the Academy classroom instruction and curriculum, further developed and challenged in a business environment, supervised by business leaders in a real-world setting, resulting in a broad, relevant, enriching educational experience for the student. Done correctly, paid internships provide the context in which a student's classroom learning is applied.

But the paid internship doesn't stop at just applying classroom skills in a work environment. It also exposes the student to a broad view of work experiences and situations, which could be expected if the student were to pursue a career in that field. And, the student is also exposed to a broad array of soft, workplace skills: critical thinking, teamwork, decorum, ethics, creativity, time management, ingenuity, honesty, problem-solving, comportment, and a solid understanding of the importance of excellent written and oral communications skills. This combination of benefits provides a valuable foundation for any career the student chooses to pursue in the future.

Guest Speakers  
Davor Dokonal - Atelier ED
Junior Class Speaker
Mr. Dokonal provides important advice to students about their professional resume; both the written one and the resume in a digital age. Presentation covers interviewing techniques, questions, and widely applicable interview do-s and don’t-s, with a focus on the internship interview. In addition, students discuss the ideas of personal branding and managing their online presence with the use of social networking sites, blogs, forums, and other online resources, with special consideration given to search-ability, both positive and negative, and security of information posted on-line.

Beatriz Caputo - Motorola
Senior Class Speaker
Mrs. Caputo provides students the skills necessary to deliver effective presentations. These students will eventually go on to present their internship experience to the entire Academy during the Employer Recognition breakfast.

Sally Baldauf - Microsoft
Academy Speaker
Mrs. Baldauf works closely with the AOIT program to inform them of opportunities that are available in the field. Each year, Mrs. Baldauf holds a luncheon for the girls in the Academy along with other prominent women IT professionals to inspire the next generation of IT professionals.

George Curran - CA
Sophomore Class Speaker
Mr. Curran offers students a view of computer programming from a team perspective. Students learn that programming is about problem solving, the details of the language are secondary. Mr. Curran is a professional with an extensive background in programming. His insight and experience offers a refreshing perspective.

Ebbe Reker - AVI TBA
James Olney - Northport Library
Freshman Class Speaker
Research skills are very important to Academy students. Mr. Olney teaches students how to wade through the vast amount of available research materials available at the Northport Library and Internet resources.

Maria Stupnikov - Student - SUNY Stony Brook
Academy Speaker
High School is a stressful time in a students life. Managing the work load and choosing the right career path can be a real challenge. Maria Stupnikov, an Northport AOIT alumni, shares her experiences and advice for graduating with honors.

Patricia Malone - SUNY Stony Brook
Director of Corporate Training and Education
Senior Class Speaker

Mrs. Malone is the Director for the Center for Emerging Technologies at SUNY Stonybrook. Her organization delivers programs that prepare a world class workforce with the emerging professional, business, and technical skills necessary for our global economy. Mrs. Malone offers our students a glimpse into the future to help them make important college and career decisions.

Become a volunteer! Join an AOIT instructor in designing an in-class presentation or workshop devoted to sharing the skills and expertise you have gained in a specific industry.


Workplace Tours
Our Academy believes that the world is an extension of our classrooms. Field trips serve to energize and inspire students by breaking down preconceived notions of the IT industry. Students get to see firsthand what it is like to be on the inside of a first-class organization. In addition, they get an opportunity to witness the environment in which professionals conduct day-to-day operations.
The following reflects a typical Academy field trip visit:

provides insight into the field of IT;
introduces students to various different professionals and explains their role in the organization;
presents the various different products and services that the business provides to its clients;
discusses the current trends of the industry;
lasts for 2 – 4 hours.

Brief history and overview of the Solution Center Theatre.
Global Command Center tour.
Stress Lab tour and discussion.
Audio/Video production studio tour, producing streaming content for the web.
Tips for a future in web design and Internet marketing.
Questions and answers, giveaways.

Repair Depot - here certified technicians by major companies (Dell, Lexmark, Cisco) conduct repairs on broken branch machines.
Engineering Lab - In the engineering lab, highly trained technicians experiment with new equipment. They certify all new hardware before it goes into the Branches.
Monitoring Center - This center has the capability to monitor critical machines and verify that everything is running properly. When they get an alert from a system, the team takes action to repair sites remotely. This center operates 24 hours a day to ensure that everything works perfectly for their customers.
ATM Fraud Protection - Here students see first hand how Citibank stays one step ahead of the "Bad Guys".

Project Adventure is located at the Nassau BOCES Brookville Outdoor and Environmental Education Center. This 16-acre park was formally a NIKE missile base used for air defense during the cold war. Today, it provides educational programs to more than 15,000 students and teachers each year.

Students are guided through a series of initiatives designed to enhance classroom, family, peer, workplace, and other community interactions by:
Developing effective communication skills
Fostering cooperation
Drawing upon critical thinking skills
Developing trust through fun, imaginative activities in an atmosphere of safety and respect.

Solution Center - Hands on experience with motorola products and equipment. Students see what the products can do and the business value they provide.
Industrial Design Lab - Students see the artistic design and inner workings of various Motorola products.
Panel discussion - IT professionals give insightful answers to questions from the students.
Lunch with Moto professionals - Students relax and enjoy lunch wile chatting with company workers who share their insight and experiences in the field of IT.

33 Thomas Street Facility (AT&T Long Lines Building)
Architectural Considerations
Switching Equipment
Independent Power Source
Satellite and Microwave Transmissions
Transmission Technologies
NYC Architecture:

Applied Visions
AVI develops visual software solutions to complex defense, national security, information security, infrastructure protection, financial, and business problems.
AVI provides software engineering, product development, and research services for defense and intelligence community customers.
AVI is also a leader in applying computer gaming technology to defense applications, providing innovative battlefield visualization capability through gaming technologies. These "Serious Games" bring a new level of usability to the modern warfighter.

Northrop Grumman
Cyber Warfare Integration Network (CWIN) -
integrated battle management network where information is rapidly collected, shared, exploited and distributed among military platforms.
IT & Engineering Department Visits
Company overview and product description