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Academy of Information Technology

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AOIT Student Portfolio  
AOIT Portfolio Requirements (Not to be confused with the AOIT Internship Portfolio)

Now more than ever, it is important for students to document their accomplishments over the course of their high school career. College recruiters and future employers need to see evidence of motivation and experience in order make favorable recommendations. Documenting your success as an Academy student will increase your chances of getting into the college of your choice.

To successfully exit the Northport Academy of Information Technology with a certificate of completion, each student must keep a portfolio that incudes the following:

Portfolio Checklist

  • Completed coursework matrix.
  • KLW Essays - For each field trip experience.
  • KLW Essays - For each guest speaker experience.
  • National Groundhog Job Shadow Day.
  • Internship - Subdivided according to the internship portfolio requirements.
  • Senior Essay.
  • College Application.
  • Letters of recommendation (3): Internship Provider, Advisory Board Member, Teacher.
  • Cover Art - Used to make the portfolio look unique and attractive. Front and back.
  • Professional contact list made from business cards.
  • Examples of exceptional work. Final Projects


Final Projects

Principles of Information Technology Culminating Final Project:
Buying a personal computer is a major purchase decision that deserves careful consideration. In this project, students design their own dream computer system. Each group decides what kind of computer they are dreaming about (to be used for gaming, music, publishing, etc.). Given a $3,500 budget, they analyze their needs, then collect and evaluate data about the different parts of computer systems. Students fill out a worksheet for each step of the project, detailing the hardware and software components they need for each part of the system. Then they look at different vendors from whom they can buy components, and develop a spreadsheet that matches prices, components, vendors, and manufacturers. Finally, students design a PowerPoint presentation featuring their recommendations. Their proposals are presented to an audience of professionals at the end of the project. The driving question for the project is, “If you were to design a “dream” computer system, what would it include?”

The students work cooperatively in groups of three or four.

Introduction to Computer Programming Culminating Final Project:

In this project, students apply what they learn about writing computer programs to create a strategy game as a Python program.

The programming emphasis is on user-defined functions, lists/tuples (also called arrays), branching, and looping. The students will create both high-level and low-level designs to work from before they begin coding the project. Project management and following the software development life cycle (including formal testing) are also important aspects of the project.

The culminating project will conclude with a game fair, which will be attended by friends, family, and professionals in the programming field. 

The students work cooperatively in groups of three, and each member of the team will take on a specialist role with responsibility for specific chunks of the code.

Database Design Culminating Final Project:
In this project, students apply the basic concepts and tools of database design and database implementation to create a database and a database application for a client who has requested a database application to fulfill a particular business need. The driving question for the project is, “How can we best create a database and a database application that will meet the business requirements of our client?”
The students work cooperatively in groups of four. Each group is assigned the same client, but because each group will set up their own conceptual model, entity-relationship model, database, and database application, all of the projects will be unique. Potential clients are local small businesses, nonprofit organizations, school clubs and organizations, and so on.

Computer Security & Forensics Culminating Final Project:

Students will conduct a security audit on a home or small business.  More to come...

Digital Networking: Cisco CCNA Parts 1 and 2