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LISFA Scholarship

LISFA Scholarship
LISFA Scholarship 2
Pulaski Road student Abigail Ng was recently awarded the LISFA Summer School Music Program Scholarship. Abby, who participated in the LISFA orchestra earlier this year, was chosen as one of a handful of 5th–6th graders throughout Suffolk County to receive money to continue her study of the violin and fostering her love of music. Congratulations to Abby for winning this prestigious scholarship!

HuntingTony Awards

The Northport High School Powdered Wigs received 12 nominations and two winning awards at the HuntingTony Ceremony for their spring production of “Into the Woods.” At the ceremony on June 3rd, the entire production won the Best Costumes award, and student-actress Meaghan Maher received Best Supporting Actress.

Original nominations/nominees included : Best Tech Crew, Best Technical Production, Best Musical, Best Scenery, Best Costumes, Best Orchestra Pit, Best Supporting Actress - Meaghan Maher and Jenna Goz, Best Lead Actress - Bella Donneruno, Best Male Vocalist - David Goz, Best Female Vocalist - Meaghan Maher, Best Featured Actor - Owen Labruna.

Congratulations students!

Prudential Spirit of Community Honorees

Prudential Spirit of Community Honorees
Three outstandingly community-minded students from Northport High School were recently recognized by the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program for their service of the surrounding community. This youth-recognition program chooses recipients solely on volunteer and community service, and is the largest in the country. Sophomore sisters Emily and Kaitlyn Berger and senior Charlotte Bender were recognized by the program as local honorees and were congratulated by principal Daniel Danbusky on June 13.

For many years, Emily and Kaitlyn have served the community with their family by preparing food and gift bags for families in need by and donating them to local food pantries, the Northport VA, and section eight housing. Both of them serve almost every weekend, and enjoy filling bags and writing encouraging notes to people in need.

“It truly feels so much better to give than to receive,” said Emily.

Graduating senior Charlotte Bender was recognized for her commitment to volunteering in the Commack ambulance core, in which she assists local EMTs and paramedics. Charlotte volunteers at least once a week for a shift up to seven hours, and has earned her NYS first Responder card. Additionally, Charlotte has helped run an annual toy drive at the high school.

Both Kaitlyn Berger and Charlotte Bender were also recognized for having gone above and beyond their community service requirement, making them recipients of the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

Congratulations students!

Eradicating Erosion at Bellerose Avenue

Eradicating Erosion at Bellerose Avenue
Eradicating Erosion at Bellerose Avenue 2
Eradicating Erosion at Bellerose Avenue 3
Fourth graders from Bellerose Avenue Elementary recently had the opportunity to propose a solution to a problem the school is facing to the district Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds on June 12.

During an in-class lesson on erosion, fourth grade teacher Sue Moulton took her students outside to show them a real example of erosion—the front of the school’s crumbling hill. Ms. Moulton encouraged students to observe the problem and come up with a solution based on facts they had learned. This problem was especially relevant to the students because some of their peers had dubbed it a safety hazard. Once together in like-minded groups, many spent their recess periods working on a solution.

Once finished, students presented their projects to Principal Lori Beekman, who, impressed by their passion for the issue, organized a visit from the district Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, Mr. John Lackner.

On June 12, Mr. Lackner visited the classroom and thanked them for their concern for the well-being of their school, peers and environment. He then traveled to each cluster of students to hear their proposal.

“So: you’ve got a problem—what’s the solution?” he asked.

Each group took a different approach to the problem. Some suggested installing a drain to catch water before it could trickle down and erode the hill, others suggested that allowing for more light to reach the hill and help vegetation grow might solve the issue. Mr. Lackner was impressed by each group, and said he would thoughtfully consider each one.

“I feel proud that I was able to present my solution to an important person like Mr. Lackner,” said Sophie, a fourth grader in Ms. Moulton’s class. “I feel like I actually can make a change.”

Important Message re: School Flooring


NHS Musical Distinctions

Congratulations to the following NHS musical groups for winning outstanding awards during the month of June:

The NHS Jazz Choir and the Treble Choir received “Gold with Distinction” medals at the NYSSMA Major Organization Festival on June 3. This is a first for NHS, and the highest score an ensemble can receive for the most difficult level.

Additionally, NHS Orchestra students from both String Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Ms. Margaret Janke, earned a superior rating and won “First Place with Distinction” at the Music in the Parks Festival in Massachusetts last Friday.

Congratulations to all of our outstanding student musicians on these incredible accomplishments!

An Inspirational “Pair” Visits NMS

An Inspirational “Pair” Visits NMS
An Inspirational “Pair” Visits NMS
An Inspirational “Pair” Visits NMS
An Inspirational “Pair” Visits NMS
The sixth-graders of NMS were visited by an inspirational pair—John Cronin, of John's Crazy Socks, and his father Mark Cronin—on June 10. John, a young man with Down syndrome, and his father Mark created and run a successful online sock business that all started with desire to inspire others and to spread happiness.

The father and son duo shared their inspirational story with the students, recounting the first stages of their business ideas, the desire to create something that would bring others happiness, and obstacles they faced.

“Not every idea is going to be a good one, so when something fails, you can’t just throw your hands up and quit,” said Mark. “We had to go through a lot of ups and downs to get to where we are today, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

The business itself is currently the largest sock store in the world with 2,300 different styles to choose from. John’s Crazy Socks also has many designs that raise awareness and support for disabilities such as Down syndrome and autism. Additionally, they have recently begun selling greeting cards.

John’s Crazy Socks holds tightly to their mission—spreading happiness and demonstrating what people with intellectual disabilities can do. In the spirit of this mission, more than half of the business’ employees have different disabilities, and five percent of all earnings are donated to the Special Olympics. John and his father also travel the country encouraging others and raising awareness.

“We want to show the world what is possible!” John told the students, raising his fist into the air.

At the culmination of the event, students asked John questions regarding his inspiration, what he likes most about creating socks, and more. Some students even showed off some of their own John’s Crazy Socks, and presented him with a gift—a Northport Middle School hat.

“Having John and his father visit was such an inspiration,” said sixth-grade teacher Jeannette Conroy-Teri. “Life-stories like John’s reinforce empathy, acceptance, and perseverance in our students, and is so important for their development as kind, empathetic human beings.”

Track and Field All-State Honors

Track and Field All-State Honors
Track and Field All-State Honors
Track and Field All-State Honors
Congratulations to two senior track and field stars for their spectacular performances at the NYS Track and Field Championships:

Pentathlete Sydnie Rhome placed 3rd earning All-State honors for the third consecutive year.

Sean Ryan was crowned New York State and New York Federation State Champion in the mile with a new personal best of 4 minutes and 10 seconds.

Thank you to all track and field coaches for their hard work and dedication throughout this season: boys head coach Jason Strom and assistant William Miller and our girls staff, head coach Beth Zebuth and Greg Cantwell along with our throwing coach Nick Gueits.

Go Tigers!

Notice of Regular Board Meeting - June 20, 2019


Rainforest Researchers at Dickinson

Rainforest Researchers at Dickinson
Rainforest Researchers at Dickinson
Rainforest Researchers at Dickinson
Rainforest Researchers at Dickinson
Third graders in Ms. Neems’ and Ms. Barnes’ class at Dickinson Avenue recently became Amazon explorers and took an in-depth look at the wonders of the world’s rainforest. After learning about the unique ecosystem and how it is shrinking by the year, students were each assigned a unique species of animal to research. After sufficient research, students created a replica of their animal in its natural habitat and presented, museum-style, to teachers, classmates, and visiting parents. Animals presented included the poison dart frog, the spectacled bear, the amazon dolphin, and many more.

Additionally, various classes visited to view and listen to all of the students demonstrate a firm understanding of their animal based on facts they pulled from their research to present. Visiting students were delighted by the life-like appearance the projects and all the fun facts they learned.

“50% of the world’s animals live in the rainforest, and only 7% of the world is rainforest,” said student Katelyn Voorhees. “We may never get to see any of these animals in person, but we got to learn all about them, the importance of their role in the ecosystem, and why we should protect what’s left of the rainforest.”

NYS Champions

NYS Champions
NYS Champions 2
Congratulations to the varsity girls lacrosse team for capturing the New York State Class A Title by defeating Baldwinsville HS 10-8. The Tigers finished the season with a record of 21-1.

Special thank you to our coaching staff led by Carol Rainson-Rose and assistant Alton Rose along with volunteer assistants Alexis Curcio and Courtney Fortunato.

Go Tigers!

June Board of Education Recognitions


At the district’s last Board meeting of the 2018-19 school year, two outstanding students were recognized: Art Student of the Month Shannon Wines and Music Student of the Month Peter Mainetti. Dr. Izzet Mergen addressed the Board to introduce both the Art Student of the Month, Shannon Wines, and Music Student of the Month, Peter Mainetti.

Shannon was commended by Dr. Izzet Mergen and art teachers throughout her career for having a tremendous talent and work ethic and an incredibly “diverse AP portfolio rendered with stunning visual imagery, but the pieces also deliver her vision into creative and thought-provoking narratives.” Shannon is a recipient of a Scholar Artist Award of Merit at LIU Post, nine Scholastic key awards this year alone, and received a presidential scholarship from Marist College, which she will be attending in the fall for Fashion Design.

Peter Mainetti, an extremely dedicated pianist, violinist, and composer, has participated in nearly all things musical that Northport High School has to offer and succeeded extraordinarily. “Peter Mainetti is singularly the finest musician I have ever had in my music classroom in my 28 years as an educator,” said music teacher Dr. Frank Doyle. Peter has been recognized at local, statewide, and national levels for his compositional work, including a recipient of the Arlene Diamond Award from the Long Island Composers’ Alliance, a NAfME All-National composer, and many more.

Additionally, over 100 students who’ve received a myriad of honors in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math were recognized by the Board, and commended by corresponding department chairs for their extraordinary dedication to their academic career. Examples awards students were recognized for include winning 1st place in the Brookhaven National Lab Science Fair, receiving the Best in Show award at the LI Media Arts Show, and being named a Rensselaer Medal recipient.

For a full list of recognized students, view the attachment below.

Congratulations students!


Suffolk County Elementary Math Tournament

Suffolk County Elementary Math Tournament
Suffolk County Elementary Math Tournament 2
A group of fourth and fifth graders from Bellerose, Dickinson, and Ocean Avenue competed last week in the 12thAnnual Suffolk County Elementary Math Tournament, hosted by the Suffolk County Math Teachers Association at SUNY Stony Brook. Teams of five participated in the team competition and students competed both individually and alongside students from other districts. Awards were given to the top 10 individual scorers in each division.

Congratulations to Ocean Avenue student Gavin Kelly for being named a 2nd place winner and Bellerose Avenue student Nico Escobar for being named an 8th place winner!

Participants from Bellerose Avenue School: Shamus Burke, Nicolas Escobar (8th place), Mirabelle Korshin, Olivia Lusardi, Phoebe Meyer, Dylan Naughton, JT Nazaretian, Pixie Ryan, Lily Trudwig, Nathan Vitale

Participants from Dickinson Avenue School: Aidan Anastasi, Andrew Beitchman, Rielle Brummel, Ryan D'Angelo, Isabel Kluberdanz, Avery McArdle, Hannah McNally, Daniel Miller, Owen Murnane, Abigail Uhrlass

Participants from Ocean Avenue School: Ben Abbas, Ashley Callahan, Cael Flanagan, Marleigh Grodinsky, Gavin Kelly (2nd place), Gabriel Ko, Oliver Ko, Ella Mason, Gavin McCloskey, Alex Zhomir.

Great job to all involved!

Growing in Green Thumbs

Growing in Green Thumbs

NHS' state-of-the-art greenhouse, which was designed and constructed last summer as part of the district’s Bond Referendum, is officially up and running, and ready for the upcoming school year. The structure includes automated ridge ventilation, gas heating and humidification, and three-stage evaporative cooling to support 600 square feet of indoor growing space. Construction was completed this winter, and the botanical research and life science lab that was piloted this past spring was a huge success.

“Learning to formulate and carry out inquiry based scientific investigations has become increasingly important for students,” said District Chairperson of Science, Technology & Engineering Education David Storch. “With hands-on opportunities to learn about topics like matter and energy in organisms and ecosystems, stability and biodiversity, and interdependent relationships in ecosystems, students gain a deeper understanding of natural systems and can actively care for them.”

In the first few months of use, the greenhouse was quickly bursting with experimentation and research. A few projects included students observing and testing nitrogen run-off, learning “square foot gardening” techniques, and growing geraniums from seed to bloom. Students were very proud of their work, and according to Greenhouse Coordinator Janet Byler, were constantly asking to go back out into structure.

“Having this greenhouse not only shows that we value giving our students first-hand experience,” said Ms. Byler, “but that we, as a community, value our local environment and want focus on solving real world problems and phenomena!”

Members of the high school science department hope to integrate use of the greenhouse into the curriculum this upcoming year and in years to come, further aligning the district with the newly adopted NYS Science Learning Standards (NYSSLS).

“We hope for it to become a focal point where kids can gather and see science in action, and not just from a textbook,” said Ms. Byler.

Class A Semi Final Broadcast

Class A Semi Final Broadcast
The New York State Class A Girls Lacrosse Class A Semi Final games between Northport HS and Pittsford will be broadcast on the NFHS Network at 10:45am on You can also download the NFHS Network app. Additionally, the game will also be broadcasted on June 8

Neurological Surgery P.C. Health Science Competition

Neurological Surgery P.C. Health Science Competition
Neurological Surgery P.C. Health Science Competition 2
NHS junior Isabella DeBrino presented a research project at the first ever Neurological Surgery P.C. Health Science Competition (NSPC HSC) on May 30. This program is sponsored by the Center for Science Teaching & Learning (CSTL), and is the first and only Health Science Competition in the United States.

Isabella conducted her research study this past summer at The Robert Packard Center for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins University which was designed to investigate the interactions between two types of cells derived from patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Her research presentation is entitled, Effect of C9orf72 GGGGCC Hexanucleotide Repeat Expansion on the Survival of hiPSC Derived Neurons.

Way to go, Isabella!

IB Diploma Class of 2019

IB Diploma Class of 2019
Congratulations to the group of NHS seniors that recently completed the intensive International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, which only approximately 80,000 graduates world-wide complete each year!

“The amount of work and dedication required to be successful in this program is unlike that of any other high school program,” said program coordinator Wayne Jensen, “and each student rose to the occasion—becoming remarkable thinkers who actively seek opportunities for independent learning and using their skills to accomplish the incredible.”

Diploma Class of 2019:
Aftel, Maxwell
Ayer, Billion
Bertos, Nicholas
Carr, Sarah
Caulfield, Liam
Cetta, Mackenzie
Corbeaux, Julian
Cormier, Leo
Denfeld, Anna
Donohue, Benjamin
Driesen, Samuel
Finnegan, Quinlan
Flem, Sydney
Friedman, Julia
Grillo IV, William
Hubbard, Eleanor
Izraztsov, Anastasia
Kestler-DeWan, Madeleine
Knopp, Reese
Lanzilotta, Mario
Lavin, Thomas
Leggiere, Portia
LeHenaff, Juliette
Lyle, Jessica
Lynn, Mollie
MacLeod, Brian
Meadows, Tyler
Meyer, Lauren
O'Beirne, Grace
Oliviero, Victoria
Rivera, Laura
Scalamandre, Gianna
Schilling, Catherine
Sierra, Katie
Testa, Drake
Unser, Anna Catherine
Weaver, Kieran
Yeomans, Isabel

Newsday Article: Vets at Northport American Legion Event Share Tales of Sacrifice



Project Citizen Showcase

Project Citizen Showcase photo
Project Citizen Showcase photo 2
Project Citizen Showcase photo 3
On May 24th, sixth grade students Isabella Bica, Kailey Ciszek and Samantha Yolango from Northport Middle school, and Anjolina Buttacoli, Lily Eagan and Kate Karp from East Northport Middle School, attended the Project Citizen Showcase at the New York City Bar Association in Manhattan.

For this project, which the students completed in their Investigate classes, the students first identified an issue of public policy in their community which concerned them. They then researched their chosen problem, interviewing community members who assisted them in learning more about the issue. Additionally, the students worked to identify potential solutions by way of letter writing, emails, and phone calls. All sixth grade Investigate students had the opportunity to share their presentations at Touro Law School to a panel of civic minded judges.

After successfully presenting their projects “Ban Cat Declawing in New York” and “School Crossing Guards” at Touro Law Center among six other projects,  these two groups of students were selected as having done exemplary work and were encouraged by NHS law teacher Mr. Scott to continue on to the Project Citizen Showcase.

The Project Citizen Showcase was coordinated by Debra Lesser, the executive director of the Justice Resource Center, an organization established in 1991 to develop, implement, and evaluate law-related education projects which impact positively on the school age population and enable students to learn about the functions of government, understand their roles and responsibilities as citizens, and develop a heightened respect for the law.

At the Showcase, students ranged from elementary to high school age. As their parents and Investigate teachers, Mrs. Bertos and Ms. Furstein looked on, each group had the opportunity to present their hard work to a panel of expert judges, and answer questions about their topic. The judges were impressed with the students’ hard work and in-depth knowledge of their chosen issues.

Students and teachers then gathered for the keynote speaker, Columbia law lecturer, Christopher Riano. Mr. Riano asked the audience, “Why do we do this?”

When called upon, Lily Egan replied, “Because it’s our community. It’s the place that we live. We want it to be the best that it can be for future generations!” Mr. Riano applauded her answer.

At the end of the showcase, Isabella, Kailey and Samantha received the “Best Designed PowerPoint” for their project. Students were excited and proud to receive their plaque to enthusiastic applause.

Congratulations to both groups of students for a job well done! 

CPR-AED Awareness Day

CPR-AED Awareness Day photo
CPR-AED Awareness Day photo 2
CPR-AED Awareness Day photo 3
CPR-AED Awareness Day photo 4
CPR-AED Awareness Day photo 5
On May 24, students learned vital life-saving information during Northport High School’s CPR-AED Awareness Day. Volunteers, composed of sports medicine, IB students, and representatives from the Northport Fire Department’s Smokeaters, set up stations in the commons to inform their peers the action necessary in an emergency.

Students learned by demonstration how to use an AED machine, how to perform CPR with their hands, and tips regarding how to be prepared in an emergency. In addition, students added painted handprints to a banner hanging in the commons that read “My hands can save a life, can yours?” 

Caring for Quails at Ocean Avenue

Caring for Quails at Ocean Avenue photo
Caring for Quails at Ocean Avenue photo 2
Caring for Quails at Ocean Avenue photo 3
Caring for Quails at Ocean Avenue photo 4
Thanks to the environmentally conscious teachers at Ocean, select classrooms throughout the building have the opportunity to raise small flock of baby Bobwhite Quails in partnership with the Seatuck Environmental Association. When these baby quail have grown, they will be released into the wild in order to combat the population’s sharp decline.

Since the quails’ entrance into the world through their shells, classrooms been learning everything there is to know about them, as well getting to care for and interact with them.

“This isn’t just a cute project we’re doing,” said first-grade teacher Margaret Anderson. “Along with teaching students about the native species of long island, we’re teaching them concepts like biomimicry—how things that we create mimic things in nature, like flippers used to scuba-dive mimic the webbed feet of a duck—and the difference between wild animals and domestic ones. They’re absorbing so much from having the quails here.”
In addition to partnering with the Seatuck Environmental Association, teachers have taken on this project as an inspired result of completing the Greentree Foundation’s Ecology Workshop—a summer program that seeks to provide Long Island teachers with knowledge and techniques to better teach students about the natural world.

“There’s so many benefits of bringing nature into the classroom, and vice versa,” said third grade teacher Katarina Moy, “and this project in particular is teaching them that they can make a difference in the world around them—no matter how small.” 

NHS Persistent Programmers

NHS Persistent Programmers photo
A group of NHS programming students traveled to Saint Joseph’s annual Programing Competition on May 22. One team, composed of students James Connor, Elliot Macolino, and Mario Lanzilotta, solved all seven of the competition’s problems correctly and placed fifth out of 47 teams.

“These three students persist in problem solving and genuinely enjoy coding,” said Math and Computer Science Teacher Andrew Frisch. “They are talented programmers who are always seeking to improve their skills, and the district is immensely proud of their success.” 

Class A Finals

Class A Finals photo
Congratulations to the girls varsity lacrosse team for defeating Ward Melville HS 13-7, which advances them to the Suffolk County Class A Finals. The team will be playing Middle County HS on Thursday May 30, 4 pm at SUNY Farmingdale.

Congrats to all of our student-athletes and to our coaches, Head Coach Carol Rainson-Rose, Assistant Al Rose, and volunteer coaches Alexis Curcio and Courtney Fortunato. Let’s go Tigers!

Northport Buddies Thank Local Heroes

Northport Buddies Thank Local Heroes photo
Northport Buddies Thank Local Heroes photo 2
Northport Buddies Thank Local Heroes photo 3
Northport Buddies Thank Local Heroes photo 4
Kindergarten and fifth-grade “buddies” came together at Fifth Avenue to send letters to local heroes in honor of Memorial Day. In pairs, each kindergartener from Ms. Christine Shaw’s class drew a picture, and each fifth-grader from Ms. Kathy Amundsen’s class crafted a letter to send to a veteran at the Northport VA Center to thank them for their service.

Math League High Scorers

Math League High Scorers photo
Northport High School students Camden Burk, Alexia Kaloudis, and Peter Mainetti were recognized at the Suffolk County Math Teachers Association Senior High Awards Dinner on May 20. These students, who competed in the senior level Math League, received some of the highest scores in the county out of nearly 80 teams. NHS, overall, was ranked the seventh highest scoring school in the county.

“All three of these students tackle accelerated math programs, and are doing so with tremendous amounts of success,” said NHS math teacher Anthony Perico. “Their placement in this competition is an embodiment of their hard work and dedication to the field of mathematics.”

Congratulations students!

The Budget Has Passed. Thank You!

The Budget Has Passed. Thank You!
Yes - 1553
No - 977

Proposition #2 Has Passed.
Yes - 1908
No – 608 

Congratulations to Larry Licopoli, Thomas Loughran and Allison Noonan on winning the Board election.
Larry Licopoli – 1796
Thomas Loughran – 1770
Allison Noonan ¬– 1864

El presupuesto ha sido aprobado. ¡Gracias!
Sí - 1553
No- 977

La Proposición # 2 ha sido aprobada.
Sí - 1908
No- 608

Felicitaciones a Larry Licopoli, Thomas Loughran y Allison Noonan por ganar la elección de la Junta.
Larry Licopoli – 1796
Thomas Loughran – 1770
Allison Noonan ¬– 1864

Math and Movement

Norwood Avenue students combined physical activity with math fluency in a flurry of fast-paced exercises on May 16. Math and Movement, a multi-sensory educational program, visits schools all across the state to encourage children to practice important math concepts by harnessing their natural love of movement. According to multiple research studies conducted, combining math and movement strengthens numeracy and literacy, and helps raise overall math skills.

During the program’s visit, students rotated between activities including a multiplication tables hop-scotch, whisper/loud movements, creating math problems for their classmates by jumping from number to number on a large board, and time-telling on a giant analog clock.

“Our students respond extraordinarily positively to practicing skills in ways that don’t require paper and a pencil,” said Elementary Instructional Coordinator Lindsey Andersen, “so when we bring programs like this into our school, we make sure that it all reinforces what they’re learning in the classroom—and when they leave, those concepts are further ingrained into their minds.”

Budget Q&A


Division I Title

Division I Title photo
NHS’ girls varsity lacrosse team recently captured the Division I Super 6 Title for the second year in a row! Congratulations to all of the student-athletes, coaches and volunteer assistants on this title, and for an incredible season.

The Tigers currently have an overall record of 15-1, and will be hosting the quarter-finals on Monday May 20, 4:30 pm.

Ride for Life

Ride for Life photo
Ride for Life photo 2
Ride for Life photo 3
Ride for Life photo 4
Ride for Life photo 5
On May 13, elementary and middle schools throughout the district were visited by former Northport teacher and ALS survivor Chris Pendergast. Mr. Pendergast is remarkable and tenacious individual who has dedicated his life to helping raise awareness for the ALS cause and to one day find a cure.

Thanks to the generosity and large hearts of the Northport-East Northport community, schools were able to present Mr. Pendergast with checks to help fund his participation in “Ride for Life.” As he rode past, students cheered him on, wishing him a safe and successful journey on his ride.

Fit Club Challenge

Fit Club Challenge photo
Fit Club Challenge photo 2
Fit Club Challenge photo 3
Fit Club Challenge photo 4
On May 7, all six elementary schools represented our district at the Suffolk Zone Fit Club Challenge. The competition was fierce among the 31 participating teams, which were comprised of students from grades four and five all throughout Suffolk County. Congratulation to all participants, who demonstrated teamwork and perseverance from start to finish—especially Team Bellerose/Ocean, who placed fourth!

“The amount of time dedicated into teaching and training these young students was remarkable,” said District Director of Health, Physical Education & Athletics Mark. Dantuono, “and we’re so proud of all involved!”

Way to go, students!

Business Student of the Month Honored

Business Student of the Month Honored photo
Northport High School’s business education student of the month was recognized during the district’s Board of education meeting on May 9.

Senior Annette Lyubchenko is a student in the Academy of Finance program and has taken electives outside of AOF. In Virtual Enterprise, a simulated virtual firm where students engage in traditional business activities including marketing, human resources, finance and accounting, she serves as vice president of administration.

“Annette is a combination of poise, grace, grit and determination and we are honored to recognize her as Northport High School’s Business Education Student of the Month,” said Northport High School Assistant Principal Denise Keenan.

Annette is a well-rounded student and is active in the National Honor Society, DECA, the Tigerettes Dance Team, where she serves as a captain, and the Multicultural club, which allows her to explore her heritage more deeply. She speaks only Russian at home and has been a wealth of information on international perspectives for her teachers and peers. Annette will be continuing her education at Marist College, where she will be studying business administration with a focus in marketing.

Congrats, Annette!

Brookhaven National Lab Science Fair Winners

Brookhaven National Lab Science Fair Winners
Brookhaven National Lab Science Fair Winners 2
Brookhaven National Lab Science Fair Winners 3
Brookhaven National Lab Science Fair Winners 4
Two students were selected as first-place winners in Brookhaven National Lab’s 2019 Elementary School Science Fair on May 4! The fair received over 400 science projects from 100 elementary schools across Suffolk county and was judged by Brookhaven scientists, engineers, staff, and local teachers. Only one student from each grade-level was selected as a first-place winner.

Northport’s winners both attend Norwood Avenue Elementary School—third-grader Matthew Pokorny, who was awarded for his “Rocks and Barrier Waves project”, and fourth-grader Liam Dwyer for his “Rip Rap Paddywhack” project.

Additionally, three Northport students received honorable mentions at the fair: Dickinson Avenue fourth-grader Madalyn Mooers, “What Materials will Block EMF?”; Fifth Avenue first-grader Nicholas Heffernan, “Fire and Oxygen”; and Pulaski Road second-grader Zachary Ng, “Crossing Bridges.”

“We are so proud of the quality of research, creativity, and experimentation put forth by all of our students,” said District Chairperson of Science, Technology & Engineering Education David Storch.


NHS Field Hockey Placed on NFHCA Academic Squad

NHS Field Hockey Placed on NFHCA Academic Squad photo
All 21 members of Northport High School’s varsity field hockey team received the Optimal Performance Associates/National Field Hockey Association (NFHCA) High School National Academic Squad award. The award is presented seniors and juniors who achieve a minimum grade-point average of 3.5 out of 4.0 while being a member of a field hockey team. Additionally, senior team member Kirsten Roethel was awarded as a Scholar of Distinction for her nearly perfect GPA, which only approximately 730 students nationwide received.

Congratulations students!

A Step in the “Write” Direction

A Step in the “Write” Direction photro
NHS sophomore Hope Jorgensen was recently accepted into Skidmore College’s NYS Summer Institute for Young Writers. After submitting a short young adult fiction piece, Hope was selected as one of only 40 students across the country to attend this summer program. From July 1-13, participating students will dorm at Skidmore College and receive daily instruction in the many types of creative writing such as poetry and fiction. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to engage in giving and receiving critique from their peers.

"Hope is positively brimming with genuine enthusiasm and truly impressive creativity,” said Hope’s English teacher, Ms. Meg Scanlon. “She worked her writing magic and submitted a phenomenal story to be selected for this honor, and I’m so proud of her!"

Hope, who has been spinning stories in her head since she was a little girl, commented that when she got the news she had to pinch herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming.

“I’ve always been inspired by authors like J.K. Rowling and Steven King, and really want to be a writer someday,” she said, “and being given this opportunity feels like a big step in the right direction. I’m so excited!”

ISSUE Conference

ISSUE Conference photo
ISSUE Conference photo 2
The Northport High School LEAD classes recently completed the 37th annual ISSUE conference. Under the direction of social studies teachers Cynthia Porciello and Kerry Boyd, LEAD students hosted 20 performances of original, student-written plays confronting issues of social significance to teenagers today. Topics this year included body image, depression, verbal abuse, and vaping.

Two evening performances for family members and friends were hosted in early April, as well as school day presentations in the high school’s Little Theater.

LEAD students are committed to using theater and peer education to create awareness of important social concerns, and the annual ISSUE conference is a highlight of the program.

“The annual ISSUE conference is a powerful and meaningful event that creates awareness and dialog around important social issues,” said social studies teacher David Scott.

Children and Screens Workshop

Children and Screens Workshop photo
Children and Screens Workshop photo 2
Children and Screens Workshop photo 3
An informative parent workshop presented in collaboration with the Institute of Digital Media and Child Development took place at the high school on April 1. Many parents of children throughout the district were in attendance to gather helpful and scientifically backed tips to help oversee their children and the use of screens. Presenters Dr. Pam Hurt-Della Pietra, the president of Children and Screens: Institute of Digital Media and Child Development and Stonybrook professor Dr. Lauren Hale, a local Northport mom, shared their knowledge and research with those in attendance. They covered topics such as social patterning of sleep and how it contributes to disparities in health and well-being and what screens do to teen sleep health, and took time to answer questions at the end of the event. 

Spring STEM Fun

Spring STEM Fun photo

Pairs of kindergarten and third grade “buddies” at Dickinson Avenue Elementary in the Northport East Northport School came together to construct some delicious spring-themed STEM projects on April 18.

Using colorful jelly beans, marshmallow peeps and bunnies, and materials like toothpicks and popsicle sticks, students were challenged to make a birdhouse, a nest, and a functioning catapult! Before beginning their structures, students had to first plan by sketching out a design.

Overall, the project was a wonderful way to end the week before break!

Taking Control of Wellness at NHS

Taking Control of Wellness at NHS photo

Northport High School hosted a Wellness Week in collaboration with the community’s Drug and Alcohol Task Force during the week of April 15. This week focused on improving mental, emotional, physical, and social health throughout the school community. Each day different activities and workshops were planned for students and faculty to attend.

Along with fun stress relieving activities like stress ball making and lava-bracelet crafting, informative and hands-on workshops were hosted. Topics included the Art of Empathy, meditation, yoga, martial arts, a drum circle, and more. Students also heard from agencies such as the Safe Center and Project Heal, who talked openly about hard topics such as eating disorders, substance abuse recovery, and maintaining healthy relationships.

“Originally, the idea for Wellness Week came from our students,” said Mr. Anthony Ferrandino, the school’s social worker and co-chair of the district’s Drug and Alcohol Task Force. “They were the ones who asked to show more awareness towards wellness and mental health, to sharpen coping skills, to break the stigma surrounding mental health…so we took action, and the rest of the student population has been incredibly responsive.”

Additionally, a new mindfulness room was opened at the beginning of the week. This quiet room filled with soft lighting, salt lamps, and bean bag chairs, resides on the upper level of the library and is to meant to help students find a moment of peace whenever they need it.

“Over the last few years, we’ve noticed a larger number of students who seek refuge in the library, eyes closed, earbuds in, just trying to find a little peace in an increasingly stressful school day,” said high school librarian Debra Cavaliere. “So the mindfulness room was born out of that need, and we’re excited to see how students respond to having it available.”

At the end of the week, students felt more empowered to take control of all aspects of their own wellness.

“In a super busy world that demands your attention every second, it’s important to take care of yourself,” said Kloe, a NHS junior, “because no one else can do it for you.”


skipthestraw photo
skipthestraw photo 2
skipthestraw photo 3
As part of the #skipthestraw initiative, Northport High School’s Environment Team has been working with Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCE) and the American Marin Conservation Society (AMCS) in an effort to educate their peers on how harmful single use plastics are for the environment.

Earth Week took place right before spring recess, so the E-Team set up a booth in the high school commons to reach out to their peers. Members encouraged their classmates to pledge to give up unnecessary disposable plastic usage to help preserve the environment. Every student who signed a pledge received reusable wooden utensils, a stainless-steel straw, and a reusable shopping bag. Members also encouraged their classmates to carry these materials with them on a regular basis to form habits in using them.

Last year, the E-Team worked in collaboration with the CCE to push the Suffolk County Bag Bill into place and this year they’re working on discouraging use of harmful materials like disposable plastics and Styrofoam. It has been reported that approximately 500,000,000 plastic straws are used each day in the United States, and last year over 11,000 of those straws were collected on New York’s shorelines.

“We’re extremely passionate about changing the way people think about and use plastics,” said AJ, a senior E-Team member. “People always say ‘Well, how much can one person really do?’ but that’s the thing — if we can encourage one person, and then another person, and then those people encourage others, it’s a chain reaction. Boom, we’re changing the world.”

By the end of the week, over 620 pledges were made at Northport High School thanks to the E-Team’s efforts. Way to make a difference, students!

Independent Research Night

Independent Research Night photo

Sixth grade students from both middle schools came together at the William J. Brosnan building on the evening of April 15th to share independent research projects with their classmates and families. These students are part of the district’s “Investigate” program, which is a challenging enrichment program that emphasizes higher level thinking skills, problem solving activities, and cooperative learning techniques.

This event, now in its third year, gives students the opportunity to delve deeply into an area that is of high personal interest to them. The result was a wide variety of topics covering history, science, animals, engineering, technology, music, communication, art and literature. Under the guidance of Investigate facilitators Fran Bertos and Brianne Furstein, the students began their study in December, and continued to work on it throughout the recent months.

As moms, dads, siblings and grandparents perused the projects, the students were on hand to discuss what they learned in depth, and answer any questions. All attendees were truly impressed with the level of knowledge and passion the students demonstrated.

School Calendar Change

As a result of a resolution passed by the Board of Education last evening, please note the following changes to the 2018-2019 school calendar:

Tuesday, May 28th:

Wednesday, June 19th and Thursday, June 20th:
Elementary Schools - Full Day for Students
Middle Schools and High School - Students follow testing schedule
Full Day for All Staff

Friday, June 21st through Tuesday, June 25th:
Elementary Schools - Half Day for Students
Middle Schools and High School - Students follow testing schedule
Full Day for All Staff

Wednesday, June 26th: Last Day of School